Welcome to our Preschool/Daycare Page


Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio is thrilled to partner with local prestigious preschools. It's an amazing opportunity for your parents to get great professional portraits while helping raise funds for school activities! We work with both the school and parents to make sure you receive the most optimal service through out the school year.


We are a little different then your regular school photographer ... we want to capture an authentic portrait, one you can be proud of hanging on your wall, not just your basic "school picture"  We give every child the attention needed to capture their natural beauty.


Here is an overview of the services that Cherry Blossom can provide:




We typically come to your school 2-3 times a year. The first of these sessions is our Fall Portrait Session. It's a great way to introduce ourselves to the new children and say hi to old friends. Each child gets their turn in front of the big lights individually as well as in their class group. Proofs with order forms arrive a week and a half later to your school.


- We photograph each child individually (sibling portraits reserved for mini session)

- We spend 3-5 minutes with each child

​- A typical proof set consists of 4-6 images

- Prices start @ $16 for 8x10 size unit

- Packages start @ $25 (2 unit, 2 pose) and discounts increase the more is purchased

​- We give 10% commission back to your school




This session is a great way to get everyone together and capture the whole family or just the kids.... your choice! Make it a fundraising event and invite not only your families but families around the neighborhood.   


- We usually schedule these sessions on Saturday so that families don't have to rush after a long day at work

- This session can be used as a fundraiser and can include the neighborhood families as well as your registered families

  • ​School or organization sponsor the event & markets it to its membership and surrounding community
  • School or organization collects a session fee (usually $15-$20) per family. School or organization keeps this money!!!
  • We typically donate 10% to sponsoring organization




​This is one of our favorite sessions! Our kids grow up so fast that we know how important capturing their milestones is to every parent. We are honored to be part of this very important time and to share in this memory. We take extra care to make sure we capture it right!


- We photography each graduating child individually and with the grad class

- We spend about 5-10 min with each child

- A typical proof set contains 6-8 images

- We will coordinate​ the backdrop to your cap & gown colour

- Prices start @ $20 for 8x10 unit

- Packages start @ $35 (3 unit, 3 pose) and discounts increase the more is purchased

​- We give 10% commission back to your school




Our most favorite session! Parents register their children online and we get to spend more time with each child capturing their true selves. We discuss our theme with parents ahead of time and suggest colour of wardrobe that would go best with the theme. It also give parents an opportunity to tell us a little about their child and any instructions or concerns they may have.


​- This session is elective, so we only photography children who's parents have registered with us online

- We spend 7-15 min with each child

- A typical proof set contains 10-15 images

​- Your parents will revive a private viewing

- Prices start @ $20 for a 8x10 unit

- Packages start @ $65 (2 unit, 2 pose) and discounts increase the more is purchased

- We give 10% commission back to your school

- We create a new set each school season




These are good for yearbooks images and any advertising images you may need.


​- This is a complimentary service to schools that have us for Fall Portraits and Cap & Gown Sessions

- This service is provided for $500 if we do not photography your children 

- Staff IDs are also available at our cost